Coffee And Women’s Health

Coffee is a beverage with a near universal appeal. It has been estimated that eighty percent of the population drinks coffee, and the numbers are split almost evenly between the genders with women representing the higher number only by a slight margin.

As there have been many different studies on the effects of drinking coffee, we now know more than ever before. When it comes to women’s health, there are some specific effects women should be aware of.

Women are far more liable than men to develop osteoporosis. As such, they should be aware that consuming enough calcium on a daily basis is important in maintaining bone density later in life. Coffee has been shown to partially block the absorption of calcium in the body, resulting in an overall lower calcium intake. Women who drink coffee can help offset this effect by adding milk to their coffee, and also by adding a Vitamin D supplement to their diets.

Women in particular should pay attention to caffeine consumption during pregnancy, as it has been linked to low birth weight. In addition, women who consume caffeine will have dryer skin and therefore be more susceptible to stretch marks.

There are also many positive effects of drinking coffee for women. The biggest one of these is that coffee has been shown to lower a woman’s risk of breast cancer. As breast cancer will affect an estimated 500,000 women worldwide this year alone, this is a significant finding. Coffee has also been shown to lower a persons risk for developing gallstones, a problem which affects many different women each year.

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