A Yeast Connection With Women’s Health

Is there a yeast connection with women’s health? What we commonly call a yeast infection is also known as monilia vaginitis, candida infection or fungus infection. Usually women contract a yeast infection but they can occur in men, and can be very uncomfortable.

A cheesy, white discharge in the area of the vagina in women can be a sign of a yeast infection. A health care professional can examine a woman and identify if a fungus is present. A health care professional will be able to advise a drug for treatment. Treatment is available without a prescription. Some of the medicines for yeast infection treatment can be applied over the woman’s affected skin. This can soothe the area and also help kill any infection that might be developing in this area of her skin.

Some women do have constant fungus infections. They will recur because she may be predisposed to the development of fungus infections. Pregnant women sometimes have yeast infections that return soon after they have completed treatment. Those who have a depressed immunity because being on immunosuppressive agents, such as a recipient of an organ transplant, can have problems getting rid of a yeast infection. Also, women who have undergone treatment with antibiotics sometimes develop a yeast infection. Diabetics, debilitated women may also have trouble getting rid of a yeast infection. In these cases there is a definite yeast connection with the women’s health. Some due to treatment they have undergone or due to depressed immunity.

Yeast infection is a very common vaginal infection. Itching from the infection can vary anywhere from mild to severe in women. It is very irritating to women but it does no permanent damage to her body.

A person with a yeast infection can infect his or her sexual partner. However, it is not a classic example of a sexually transmitted disease.

There is a yeast connection with women’s health. Yeast infection can be a sign of a serious illness. If you have a persistent vaginal candida infection it may be an early sign of AIDS. If you or your partner have been involved in any activity that might make you at high risk for AIDS and you have a relentless problem with candida infections contact your health professional so you can be tested for HIV.

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